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Great for Small Spaces Without Ductwork

HVAC Mini-splits are quiet and compact!

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With no ductwork, ductless mini-splits can be used to heat and cool large rooms or rooms where space is limited. These units are ideal for additions, all-season rooms, and anywhere you desire separate heating and cooling zones. And even better, they can be controlled by remote control or smartphone app. Evans Heating and Cooling, LLC is located in Greenville, Texas, and installs ductless heating and cooling in homes and businesses all over Northeast Texas. We typically service Greenville, Lone Oak, Commerce, Farmersville, Royse City, and Quinlan.

Use less space and save on installation.

For a house that has limited space, ductless mini-split heating and air conditioners are a convenient option. They include a small outdoor condenser unit, one or more indoor evaporator units, and best of all no ductwork. This cuts down on installation costs and space needed. In fact, our team can install your new mini-split in a day depending on how many indoor evaporator units you choose, up to eight units for eight separate rooms if you desire. The flexibility you get with a mini-split is unmatched.

New Mini Split system on white living room wall

New technology reduces indoor pollution.

The use of ductless heating and cooling systems has been shown to reduce the number of airborne pollutants that are present in a traditional forced-air setup. This is due to the fact that these systems do not rely on air ducts to move air around, which can lead to the release of harmful particles such as dust, rodent feces, mold spores, and other pollutants that are found in your ductwork. In addition, this new technology can also save homeowners on their energy bills, since they won't need to use as much energy to heat or cool their homes. Reducing humidity, eliminating pollutants, and balancing the desired temperature throughout your home creates just the right indoor environment.

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Mini-splits allow you to customize your temperature control from a single room or even your entire home. They can connect multiple indoor units, all with the capability to control each space independently. This allows for more personalized cooling and heating, which can save you money on energy bills. They are surprisingly affordable and great for energy savings. Evans Heating and Cooling, LLC in Greenville, Texas, handles ductless mini-split repairs and installations. Call us today at 903-274-9330 to learn how we can help!

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We serve many areas including Greenville, Lone Oak, Commerce, Farmersville, Royse City, and Quinlan, Texas. At Evans Heating and Cooling, LLC, we care about our customers and are guided by the principles of integrity and the value of an honest day's work. We prioritize your satisfaction in every venture and also provide a reliable service team to assist you with questions or concerns throughout your installation or repair. Call us today at 903-274-9330!

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